By Three Flying Piglets

Synopsis: It wouldn’t be difficult to honey words about the films Three Flying Piglets likes to make and you’re find something about that on our website. Trouble is you can end up explaining rather than just watching what we do. We’ve made nearly a hundred short films, over 9 years, with less that £10,000. Some were made in hours while others were planned to within an inch of their lives. A few are spectacularly awful! We’re just a bunch of gay dudes who use film to better understand ourselves, connect us with our health, and to the communities in which we live. Most of our films are destined for MENRUS.CO.UK (one of our other projects) though we increasingly undertake film for the wider LGBT+ community, and our allies. These collaborations are awesomeness on toast and we were in Canada last year making a series of short films for the Positive Effect about HIV peer researchers and their work around HIV stigma. A little dry for some, perhaps, but the challenge has been to bring their extraordinary stories to life and make HIV stigma both relevant and relatable. We’ve been asked to select a single film from our filmography. This is impossible but our antidote to TV Christmas advertisements “Be With Me” was made last December and has been most viewed recently. We’ll plump for that.

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