The Poz Effect conference is produced by Universities Without Walls in conjunction with the MAP Centre for Urban Health Solutions, the CIHR Centre for REACH in HIV/AIDS and the Canadian Association for HIV Research.

Universities Without Walls provides distance education that moves people and HIV research evidence into practice, and practice into research.

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The Centre for Urban Health Solutions (founded in 1998 as the Centre for Research on Inner City Health), is an inter-disciplinary research centre within St. Michael’s Hospital in Toronto. The Centre seeks to improve health in cities, especially for those experiencing marginalization, and to reduce barriers to accessing factors essential to health, such as appropriate health care and quality housing. We are committed to developing and implementing concrete responses within health care and social service systems and at the level of public policy.

We are a nation wide, innovative, virtual laboratory for intervention research, participatory evaluation, and applied program science in HIV/AIDS, Hepatitis C, and other sexually transmitted and bloodborne infections.

Hosted by James Watson. A show that puts the positive effect in podcasting. It is created by and for people living with HIV to understand HIV research in ways that matter. We tell stories about what HIV research means for our health, our personal lives, and our work. We’re based in Toronto but global in outlook. Produced by Universities Without Walls.

CAHR is the organizing body for the Annual Canadian Conference on HIV/AIDS Research (CAHR Conference). CAHR encourages Canadian researchers to be leaders in knowledge translation and to effectively respond both to the Canadian and global HIV/AIDS epidemics. Since its founding in 1991, CAHR has promoted excellence in HIV research, including mentorship and career development of investigators entering the field. CAHR fosters collaboration and co-operation among HIV research communities, including basic, clinical and social sciences, epidemiology and public health. CAHR also engages people living with HIV/AIDS and AIDS service organizations in ongoing dialogue and information exchange to ensure that HIV/AIDS research remains responsive to the epidemic and its stakeholders. CAHR is a registered charity.

CATIE strengthens Canada’s response to HIV and hepatitis C by bridging research and practice. We connect healthcare and community-based service providers with the latest science, and promote good practices for prevention and treatment programs. As Canada’s official knowledge broker for HIV and hepatitis C, you can count on us for up-to-date, accurate and unbiased information.

Casey House is Ontario’s HIV/AIDS hospital. Opened in 1988 as Canada’s first stand-alone treatment facility for people living with HIV/AIDS, it has evolved into a hospital with primarily outpatient programming. Through their innovative and comprehensive approach to health care, they remain one of the few places where people with HIV/AIDS can seek care without judgment. More than a place that saves lives, they are a place that speaks up, shines understanding through compassion, and empowers clients to get better.