We hope you find all the answers you are looking for here. If not email us here for tech support or any other questions!

WTF is this?

The Positive Effect is the first conference of its kind to be offered by Universities Without Walls. Unlike traditional conferences, The Positive Effect takes a more dynamic approach to conference attendance. Conference attendees can choose which sessions they want to attend, or the entire conference. Additionally, The Positive Effect makes use of breakout rooms to separate attendees into virtual groups so they can continue to discuss the talks.

Zoom? What’s that?

Zoom is a powerful webinar software that will allow Universities Without Walls reach numerous people nationally and internationally! For those of you participating in the conference, don’t worry too much! It’s very easy to use. Prior to the conference beginning please visit Zoom’s website to download Zoom and test it on your computer or device. Ensure that you are in a room with a strong Internet connection. We don’t want to use all of your data!
For improved sound quality please use headphones.

My computer sucks, can I still participate?

Thanks to the magic of technology, all you need is a phone and an Internet connection to participate!

Media Fair?

The Media Fair is a chance for anyone interested to show their creative side! We ask that participants create an original piece of media to showcase HIV stigma. The creative pieces can range from a traditional poster presentation to a short film. We only ask that participants do not include testimonials. For more information on the rules of the media fair click here.

Sessions vs. Whole?

Attendees can choose between attending the full conference, from 12-5pm EST, or attending individual sessions. We only ask that attendees RSVP if they want to attend specific sessions!

I want to break free: Breakout rooms and you!

Breakout rooms provide attendees the opportunity to discuss presentations in an open manner. We will provide some thought provoking discussion questions, but feel free to ask your own!
We also hope breakout rooms can be used by participants to discuss their own experience with stigma – in all forms.

Post-conference blues

Following the conference we will send out evaluations to all attendees. Please answer them as it will help us figure out what to change and improve on in coming years!

How to act appropriately

Let’s face it: people are assholes online. Everyone knows someone who has been harassed, trolled, or otherwise had a bad time on the Internet. We don’t want this happening during the Poz Effect Conference. Therefore, we have a strict (but frankly obvious) code of conduct for attendees.

1. Be Inclusive.

Universities Without Walls welcomes and supports people of all backgrounds and identities. Demeaning or hateful speech towards one’s background, identity, or health status will not be tolerated. Bullying, harassment, offensive, discriminatory, or other unsavory behaviour is unacceptable. Offenders will be provided with one (1) warning before being banned by the administrator.

2. Be Considerate and Respectful.

We recognize that there are unique challenges with the Internet and socializing. However, we ask all conference attendees be considerate to those presenting and others in their breakout groups. This means: not talking over other people, not spamming the text chat, being polite and respectful of questions others ask. We ask all conference attendees to be respectful of speakers. Please do not spam the text chat, attempt to derail the discussion, or otherwise interfere with the presentation. If you attempt to derail or interfere with the discussion you may be removed from the conference. All decisions are made by the administrator and all decisions are final. Be respectful and treat others how you would want to be treated.

3. Care and Confidentiality.

We ask that conference attendees do not reveal confidential information about themselves or others. Medical history, location, names, or other identifying information should not be revealed. UWW takes confidentiality seriously. Any attempts at doxxing (i.e. revealing others private information) will result in an immediate ban and may result in legal action. Act with care and treat others with the level of privacy you would want.